Pink salt, it’s so hot right now!

Salutations everyone, i have a quick post i would like to share about salt. Almost everywhere you look health food stores, grocery stores, and online you find pink Himalayan salt in great quantities. What is the big deal about this salt? Well my friends let’s break it down and see if this stuff lives up to the hype. This product of the Himalayas has been used by cultures for thousands of years and is highly regarded as valuable

The story goes like this, millions of years ago salt beds were covered up by huge masses of lava and basically encapsulated the salt beds and have been untouched ever since. Now we are using this salt and many have said it is the purest salt to be found. It is the composition of this salt that is so intriguing, namely 84 minerals that our bodies use and need.

So what can be said of the effects of this salt on our health? Some of the benefits that can be seen by using this wonder substance include less muscle cramps, strengthening of bones and higher pH balance in the body.

So why use this salt in place of regular “old faithful” iodized table salt? Well besides being devoid of any flavor, table salt is stripped of its minerals except sodium and chloride – not tasty!

Pink salt has many minerals that give it a unique taste. I use it on everything including my spice and rub mixes. If you have never tried it please do yourself and your health a favor and get some Himalayan salt today.

Himalayan pink salt


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