Processed food, your time is up!

“Real food doesn’t HAVE ingredients, real food IS ingredients” – Jaime Oliver

Hey everyone, i hope the new year was a good one for you. I would like to talk about processed food which is such a part of life for many that we do not really understand the danger lurking in these foods. I have been fortunate enough to have started my working life in restaurants and have learned how to cook using fresh ingredients and knowing how to prepare food, something sorely lacking in people today. Even though i know how to cook, i find it very hard to avoid foods that are easy to “heat up” or grab as i’m on the go. When a person does some research into what they are actually eating it may be alarming.

One of the insidious ways the food industry tries to get us to eat their products is the “healthy” labels put on the packaging such as terms like fat free or all natural which may not be healthy at all. Some manufacturers will say products that have high fructose corn syrup in it is healthy since it comes from corn, unbelievable! Another example is whole wheat breads that have a healthy label, many of them are no better than white refined flour bread with added caramel coloring, duping people.CaptureI have decided to take the rest of 2016 to slowly eliminate processed food from my diet and focus on foods that build me up not tear me down. There is so much disease in the world we have only ourselves to change the odds of us getting sick. My view is that these chemical laden foods are one of the sources of cancer and other diseases, note the graph below.


Is it just coincidence that cancer rates have increased as well?

Here are some links to give some insight to readers of what is in our food. I wish all to be healthy and happy, here is to a great year!


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