Are you investing?

Hey all, I’m back from a bit of a break and wanted to catch you up on what i have been doing for the last few months. I have felt for the last few years that working for someone else does not get a person anywhere in terms of a rich and full life. Racking my brain trying to find things to invent, sell, and other ideas led me to rethink stock investing. I have been investing for over two years yet not knowing what i was doing left me where one can expect…at a loss. I decided 5 months ago to start really understanding how to play the market and try and grow my account.

I have read many books on not only investing but on stock investing, analysis, and strategies. And have come to realise that most of these books are difficult to understand, even the “for dummies” books. Funny i know, but with perseverance and brute force it has been easier to understand. I have come to understand the most interesting and in my mind most powerful thing about finance, and that is QUIT WORKING FOR YOUR MONEY! This is nothing more than a long drawn out slow death with many worries and stresses that we don not need in life. From now on turn it around and get YOUR MONEY WORKING FOR YOU!

How exciting it is to realise that while you are playing, sleeping, working at your job, your money is working and sweating and pinching its finger for you. There are many avenues that you can explore to get your money working for you so i encourage you to go and understand some of these ways for yourself. I wanted to show you what is possible when you dedicate a little bit of time and effort to learning how to get your money working for you.


This is what i have been able to do, most of these gains were made in the last five months.

For the sake of enriching your life please take the time and look into investing if you are not already, and if you are make your game more efficient read and do not stop reading.


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