Top 5 Camping ideas for your next trip.

One of the most relaxing things in the world is sitting by a crackling fire with a nice beverage (wobbly pop) in your hand talking and laughing with family and friends. I mean who doesn’t love camping? This is one of my families favorite activities and we take advantage of our geographic location weekly in the hot summer months, and in Alberta Canada that means about 2 weeks in late July! We in Alberta have a saying, we have 6 months of winter and 6 months of bad sledding. But in all honesty our family just loves camping and quading.

We have enough camping experience to know that certain things can be made easier with just a little fore planning. So without further adieu, here are 5 great ideas for making your camping trip easier.

1. Make your own fire starter – Place cotton balls in hand sanitizer. All you have to do is take cotton balls and put them in a Ziploc bag and pour enough hand sanitizer to soak the cotton balls… And that’s it. When you need a fire going place 4 or 6 cotton balls on the bottom of your kindling and light them up, they will stay lit for quite some time.

2. Put a sharp edge on any knife without a knife sharpener – Dull knife and no sharpening stone? Not to worry all you need is a car window. Just turn down the window and use the top to sharpen your knife, I was initially skeptical about this but when i tried it i was amazed. It really puts a great edge on your blade.

3. Eggs in travel mode. Use an empty 1 liter water bottle and crack eggs to fill up the bottle. Shake the bottle to scramble the eggs and viola, you have a space saving travel ready container of eggs that are easily pour-able for your breakfast.

4. build a “log cabin” to start your fire. As an avid camper, I feel I have found the best way to light a fire with great success every time. First build a lot cabin with the kindling, place 4-6 cotton balls soaked with hand sanitizer in the bottom of the “log cabin” and light it up, doing it this way will exposed more surface area of the wood to flames. This way has always worked well for me.

5. Make paper fire logs – What can you do with all the annoying flyers you get in the mail? Make fire logs! Soak the flyers or newspaper in water and a dash of dish soap for a couple of hours, then layout the paper 3-4 sheets think and using a dowel rod Roll up the flyers or newspaper until you reach the size of “log” you want. Let them dry for a few days and they are ready to burn. These are a great way to use all the paper we get in the mail.


AHH… it’s zombie Flander’s…

Heart beating and breathing like it’s your last breath you run and run away from the hoard of zombies on your tail. As you round a corner there lies a shiny, solid, and old world style rifle. You charge it spin around and unleash hell upon the advancing hoard. The unimaginable sense of security washes over you as one by one you eliminate your un-dead enemies, you have survived another day in the post collapse world…good on ya!

OK, back to reality. Here at the everyday Sherpa i want to bring to my readers information of all kinds and this post is about the humble yet versatile Soviet made SKS. This 1940’s era rifle was the staple of the soviet army until being replaced later with the AK-47, although the SKS was used as a backup weapon. It has a conventional rifle grip with wooden stock and a 10 round integral magazine which is loaded by stripper clips. It has a bayonet and in the butt stock has a simple cleaning kit cleverly designed to hide in the stock.

sino-soviet sks 1.jpg_thumbnail1

The reasons i wanted to talk about this old yet fine firearm are many, to begin with a person who wishes to start shooting firearms it is a relatively easy rife to use. The recoil is not extreme and most of all it’s a really fun gun! I have had many a great time out on the range target shooting with this rife it’s just so much fun. A person could use this to hunt with also, however there are better rifles for a good price that will do a nicer job, but if your out and about it could be use for such. Speaking of price, one of the reasons this rifle is so popular is it goes for about $199 in Canada. The rounds are low priced and one can get them anywhere, with ease. So for very low initial output you could be having a fun day at the range very soon.

There are many upgrades that you could purchase for this firearm and for cheap such as optics, stocks, grips, lights, and others. The picture below is with the Tapco tactical stock. It is light weight polymer with a pistol grip and adjustable butt stock for easy use.


With the Tapco stock, and the original stock.

The rounds that the SKS used are 7.62x39mm, a very common round You can even buy them by the crate of 1500 rounds for $300, a very good deal indeed.


The SKS uses 7.62x39mm rounds.

So whether you want to use this rifle at the range, hunting, or just plinking there is no doubt it’s a great time. Man up and check it out, and for God’s sake when the zombie apocalypse comes aim true and for the head, because that’s what the Walking Dead has taught us. Have a great day everyone!